Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I have trained my son right...

Yesterday I received proof that I have done something right when training my son.

We were at Walmart, I was in the process of checking out, since my cart was full I was letting Wythe walk around. While I was unloading groceries and loading bags into the cart he was playing with the various items that they put in the checkout lanes. As he was happily occupied straightening the items on the shelf and playing with the gift cards I wasn't paying as much attention to him as I should have been.
Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw him put something up on the counter, but when I glanced at the conveyor belt I didn't see anything. It also registered in my brain that he was saying "treat please! treat please! treat please!"  A few seconds later the cashier says "I'll give you your gift card so that you don't misplace it" and she hands me a $25 Starbucks gift card.
Apparently my son upon recognizing the familiar Starbucks logo, picked out the gift card and put it up on the counter with our groceries! As you may know, once the card is scanned it is activated so it requires an act of Congress to return one. Fortunately for me and for my son, I can use a Starbucks gift card, in fact I will greatly enjoy using a Starbucks gift card. I'm not sure my husband will believe me if this happens again but it definitely worked out for me this time! I just feel fortunate that he didn't select a $100 gift card to a restaurant we don't go to!  So, in the future I will have to keep an eagle eye on my son or avoid aisles with gift cards. Ironically, aisles with candy aren't a problem yet. My two year old doesn't know what candy is but does know that when you see the Starbucks logo you get a "treat".

'til next time...

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