Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daughter's 1st birthday...

Ainsley got the total second child lame birthday...her 1st birthday party was a side event at a bigger party. No invitations sent, no theme to the party, no party favors given, no intricate cake made. But like someone told me, "you can always photoshop later to make her birthday look spectacular. Pick out a cake online and photoshop it into her pictures."  That might work.

So my sweet baby girl had her first birthday party at our Oktoberfest party. I made her a cake from a cake mix, not even from scratch, as of the start of the party I had not even decorated it. Thanks to a dear friend the cake did get iced and decorated with "Happy Birthday Ainsley".  My friend did a lovely job and this is no slight to her but I just want to show how much of a slacker mom I was for her birthday. This is a picture of my firstborns first birthday cake.

and this is the second child's birthday cake.

it appears that I didn't even take a picture of just the cake!

Fortunately for my children there are no plans to have a 3rd or 4th. The poor 4th child would probably only get a cracker for their 1st birthday.

But since my daughter is just one year old she doesn't know the difference and will probably never know until she is old enough to read this blog.  Ainsley's personality has been so different from Wythe's that I thought she would be the child to dive into her cake, that is not exactly what happened.

cake/present table (in theme with the blue & white for Oktoberfest) 

at first things are ok...

                                                        ...still kind of enjoying the attention...

a little bit embarrassed as we sing "happy birthday" to her...

blowing out the candles...

managed to kick the cake with her foot but doesn't want to touch it

Wythe is wondering "what we are waiting for?? just serve the cake already!"

Ainsley has decided she doesn't like any of this, not the cake, not the people standing around looking at her, not the flash from the camera....she is having none of it.  Wythe is edging closer and closer to the cake.

One last attempt to she if she wants to touch the cake...she doesn't.   By this time Wythe is starting to cry because he wants to touch the cake and no one will let him.

"this is not fun mommy!"

Wythe - finally happy, eating a piece of cake

"hmmm...I would like some more, surely no one will notice if I just help myself..."

"couldn't really cut a piece for myself but this will work..."

'til next time...

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