Thursday, October 14, 2010

Addition update...

So, here is the update on the addition project.

Yep, that about sums it up.

Ok, moving on...

No, it is not that bad, we have made some progress just not a lot of visible progress. For the past few months I have theoretically been painting. I have gotten a first coat of paint on almost all the walls but am a long way from being finished. We wanted to finish the painting before installing the wood floors so I'm kind of holding up progress right now. Theoretically holding up progress as my husband doesn't have time to pick up the flooring, much less install it.
Mu husband has been working on insulating everything under the house, that has taken multiple days. He had to put the floor insulation under the addition, insulate all of the plumbing, and then replace all the insulation under the original house. We believe the insulation under the existing house may have been the original insulation, making it over 30 years old. It will be interesting to see the difference this winter in keeping the house warm.
He has also been working on figuring out the HVAC for the addition. There have been many opinions on what to do about that, using the existing unit, use two separate units, remove the existing and install a bigger unit, etc., etc. As of today the plan seems to be to use the existing unit and just add the additional duct work, but this could change at any moment.
Peter has also dug the ditches for the drainage system. We do not have gutters up yet but we need something for them to tie into anyway. The ditches run around the addition, along the side of the house toward the field where the ground starts sloping down. There are supposed to be delivering the gravel this week to go into the ditch, then he can lay the pipe and fill it back it. This is a must-do project. We have about 80 people coming to our house in about a week, can't have 3 foot trenches everywhere!

So, we are making progress, we are only a year behind schedule.

'til next time...

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