Thursday, January 22, 2009

A visit to old friends...

On Friday we went to Charlottesville to visit my dear cousin Jeannine's family, who I hadn’t seen in many years, and also to see our good friends Gary and Amy again. We knew a snow storm was moving in but according to the weather forecast it wasn’t supposed to start snowing until late that night. We assumed that we would have time to go down there for dinner and make it back home before the roads got bad. As we were getting to C’ville the snow was falling so we knew we might have a problem. The snow was already accumulating when we got to their house. It was so good to see everyone! My cousin has four boys and I hadn't even met the youngest two. We visited for a bit then had dinner together. Amy's sister came over with her kids, her husband was stuck on an icy road, news that did not bode well for us! It was so wonderful to see them and talk but the time just flew by, we wanted to stay but we knew we should get on the road and head back. They of course tried to convince us to stay but knowing that a large amount of snow was coming we knew spending the night wasn't going to solve the problem of getting home. With great reluctance we prepared to leave, they gave us a few items for our car, water, toilet paper, blanket, etc., just in case we got stuck in the snow. After lots of hugs and promises to see one another again soon we left and started a painfully slow trip home. On a road that normally you would drive 65 we could go no faster than 25 m.p.h., it made for a long ride home! We were cautiously driving down the road and cars would come flying by us, as we would approach the next turn in the road we would see the car that just passed us now off the side of the road, having learned the tough lesson about the difficulty of turning on ice. It took us hours to get home but we made it safe and sound!

our family in C'ville

my sweet baby girl

Jeannine and me

The snow continued to fall the next day and we ended up getting about 2 feet of snow. Wythe did not like the snow, he just cried! I don’t think he liked the cold and he seemed somewhat scared of the snow. We’d probably be scared too if the snow was as tall as we were!

like father like son...neither a fan of the snow!

'til next time...

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