Thursday, January 29, 2009

National Pie Day...

Friday was National Pie Day….and no, I didn’t make this up, there is a day for about every occasion you can think of. I had previously known about “National Pie Day” but didn’t remember what day it was. Then, I heard someone talking about it on the radio and I decided that this year I would celebrate it. So, we invited a few neighbors over for pie. I baked a chocolate pie and an apricot pie and everyone enjoyed ingesting the calories.
But it got me to thinking, what other National days are out there that I could be celebrating?? So, I decided to look into this and see what I was missing. Some of the days I found are ones that I would be interested in observing, but others…well, some of the others just left me scratching my head. I will share some of my favorites with you.

January 3rd – Festival of Sleep Day – would absolutely observe this one!

January 7 is …Old Rock Day - don’t get this one
January 11 is … National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day – this sounds fun, but in
January?? In many states there aren’t any non-frozen puddles in January so it may hard to observe.
January 19 is … National Popcorn Day – would have enjoyed celebrating this one, maybe next year.
January 21 is … National Hugging Day - You may get some strange looks but pick some random people and try it.
January 22 is … National Answer Your Cat's Question Day - what the *%$#
January 23 is … National Pie Day – got this one down
January 25 is … Opposite Day - now, as a kid we observed this one but not necessarily on the 25th, we seemed to pick many days of the year for this one.
February 5 is … Disaster Day - why would I want to celebrate this one??
February 8 is … Kite Flying Day - “let’s go fly a kite…”
February 9 is … Toothache Day - again… why would I want to celebrate this one??
February 12 is … National Plum Pudding Day – does anyone even eat plum pudding anymore?
February 23 is … International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day - hmmm……
February 24 is … National Tortilla Chip Day - a little salsa and I’m all in…
February 28 is … Public Sleeping Day - let me find a park bench…
March 5 is … Multiple Personalities Day – part of me likes this one and part of me doesn’t…..
March 7 is … National Crown Roast Of Pork Day – again, what the *%$#
March 15 is … Everything You Think Is Wrong Day - I don’t like this one….
March 16 is … Everything You Do Is Right Day - ok, now I feel better
March 20 is … Festival Of Extraterrestrial Abductions Day - I thought being abducted by aliens was a bad thing…
April 12 is … Look Up At The Sky Day – this is for the birds….
April 24 is … National Pigs In A Blanket Day – how did this get a day??
May 2 is … Fire Day – does this mean what I think it means?May 3 is … Lumpy Rug Day - ????
May 9 is … Lost Sock Memorial Day – I never knew we were supposed to mourn their loss…
May 14 is … National Dance Like A Chicken Day – if only my chickens had known about this…
June 19 is … World Sauntering Day – this could be fun…can you imagine if NY City celebrated this and for one day everyone just sauntered?
July 14 is … National Nude Day - Ok, now we’re talking..I like this one!
July 20 is … Ugly Truck Contest Day – Ok, I know some people that are already celebrating this one…..
July 27 is … Take Your Pants For A Walk Day - don’t you do this everyday??
August 8 is … Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch at Night - since I’ve been living in the country where everyone has a garden and every garden is prolific I can see the merit in this day. I would probably support additional days for the rest of the vegetables.
August 10 is … Lazy Day - I would explain why I like this day but I don’t feel like it.
August 15 is … National Relaxation Day and National Failures Day – are these two synonymous? I like the idea of a Relaxation day, but do we really want to celebrate our Failures…I don’t.
September 2 is … National Beheading Day – this sounds cool…I’ll start making my list…
September 5 is … Be Late For Something Day – since being a mom I seem to be practicing for this day..
September 6 is … Fight Procrastination Day – why is this day right after “be late for something day” ??
October 3 is … Virus Appreciation Day – why should I???
October 12 is … International Moment Of Frustration Scream Day - can we have this day once a month? It would be good for everyone’s blood pressure.
November 15 is … National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day – shouldn’t this be more than once a year??? Yuck!
November 19 is … Have A Bad Day Day – hmm….didn’t know we had to plan for this…
November 22 is … Start Your Own Country Day – YAY!! I get to rule my own Country!! It’s about time….
December 26 is … National Whiners Day – this will make some people very happy…
December 31 is … Unlucky Day – does this mean you don’t get what you want for Christmas?
‘til next time…

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