Tuesday, July 14, 2015

And then he was seven....

Seven years old.   It seems like a blink of an eye and seems like forever.  Forever, because I cannot imagine life without our Wythe.  A blink of an eye because the years are slipping by, how can it be that we have had seven years with him?  Admittedly, many of those years are a little blurry, years of no sleep can do that to you!  What a ride it has been!  This little guy has challenged us in ways we didn't think possible and has brought us joy we didn't believe was possible.  

"Birth" day

1st birthday

2nd birthday

3rd birthday

4th birthday

5th birthday

6th birthday

On his actual birthday he got to plan the day.  He was thrilled to get to "decide things"!  He woke up to balloons in his room and present on his floor containing a new outfit for the day.  Once at the table he unwrapped a set of Hess truck glasses while we waited for his waffles. 

Per his decision we spent the day at the children's museum, four hours...felt like a week.  But it was his birthday and he was having fun....and he got frozen yogurt for lunch!  As we were leaving the downtown mall he said "do you know what would make my birthday even more special?  Getting my own iced coffee drink!"   That's my boy!
When I asked what he would like to have for his birthday dinner he choose steak.  So, using a gift card from my grandma, we took him to Outback.  They sang a birthday song for him and....he LOVED it!   Those who know Wythe will know how unusual this is!  Maybe this is part of being seven years old!  
I did have a cake for him at home, he had picked it out at the store to go along with his new theme of a "United States party".  It was a win for me, especially considering it was a reduced 4th of July cake.  This change of birthday theme had just occurred and I was relieved and puzzled.  Previously, I had said to him, 
"hey bud, your birthday is next week. Do you want a cake? or maybe cupcakes?"  
"oh, I want a cake, and I want it to be rectangle shape, and on this side I want it to be a Star Wars cake with Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker when Darth Vader is telling Luke Skywalker 'I am your father' and on the other side I want Spiderman battling the Green Goblin and in the middle near the top I want a 7 candle and in the very middle I want Spiderman marrying his girlfriend. Yep, that's what kind of cake I want."
Needless to say, I was regretting that I had asked.  I did consider making the cake he requested, I looked into buying the figurines to use on the cake but that alone made the cake too costly.  So, I proposed some other options and he decided he would like to have cupcakes at his party and each person could decorate their own......YES!!!   *fist pump*  
I told him he could pick out whatever plates he wanted, Star Wars, Spiderman, TMNT, Minions...whatever.  When we were at the store he picked out some red plates, blue plates and white plates and said "I decided I want to have a United States party.  To celebrate President Obama."    This kid!!

A 4th of July cake on clearance worked for him!

I asked him if he wanted to play any games at his party, maybe Pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs....he said he would like to play a game at his birthday...chess.  Pretty sure he didn't get that idea from Pinterest.  
For his party he had a couple buddies, his family, red, white and blue decorations, decorate-your-own cupcakes, and....presents!

"another Hess truck!!!"

He got lots of Legos...which is awesome!
 This was the first birthday that was free of melt-downs!   Maybe this is part of being seven, maybe this is us finally finding a way to celebrate Wythe in a way that isn't overwhelming for him.  Wythe declared it to be "the best birthday ever!!" 

I'd say that makes it a success. 

 'til next time...

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