Friday, January 6, 2012

The pros and cons to heating with a woodstove

There are many great reasons to heat with wood.  If you have enough trees on your property then it is basically free, provided you put the muscle into chopping down the tree, splitting, stacking, etc.  Also, there is nothing more cozy than a house with heat radiating off of a wood stove. 

However, the downside is, unless you get up during the night to keep filling the stove then it is freezing in the morning.  It may take a few hours to get the house warmed up to a comfortable level.  We now keep our furnace set on 60 degrees so that it will come on in the night. We found that when the house drops into the 50's it takes forever to warm back up.  It probably doesn't help that we have all hardwood and tile floors in the house, they get ice cold as well. 

Here is what it looks like some mornings around our house, particularly when I am having a rough time getting that fire going. 

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  1. She looks like her Aunt Kara in the winter at her house :) All to save a dime :)


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