Friday, June 17, 2011

One day I will laugh but not today

We had yet another interesting moment today.  In the time it took me to move a dry load of clothes in the basket, put wet clothes in the dryer and reload the washer my ADORABLE toddlers managed the get into my room (a place that is off limits) get into my closet, get into my make up bag, pour out my liquid makeup on the floor, break my eyeliner pens and use the liquid eyeliner to "color" on my goose down comforter.  When I walked into the room they looked slightly guilty but in bright, enthusiastic voices said "look mommy, we color!"

I didn't take pictures of most of the mess because I was trying to get them cleaned up and the floor cleaned up. They did get put in their cribs where they had to stay for a-period-of-time-that-we-will-be-intentionally-vague-about.

I did take a picture of the comforter.

I'm thinking duvet cover?

During the time that my savages were confined I reminded myself that one day this won't seem like such a big deal, one day I won't regret the cost of the destroyed make up and one day I will laugh about this. Just not today.

'til next time...

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