Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This past weekend I celebrated my (indistinguishable) xxth birthday.   Let's just say that I am now old enough to run for the office of President of the United States.  That sounds old.

My birthday was on Friday this year and I kind of missed an opportunity to have a nice relaxing birthday.  My husband had taken the day off, which I thought was for him to do some work outside. Since I had not been very productive during the week my house was not at all ready for company. So, despite my previous plans of having all the house work done and being able to relax on my birthday, take the kids to the park, go to Starbucks...things like that, instead I spent the day rushing about the house cleaning, laundry...all that fun stuff!   About 2:30 in the afternoon my husband told me that he had taken the day off thinking he could watch the kids while I went and did something by myself. ????     How did I miss that memo??   I really messed that day up!  

Anyway, I got the house cleaned up, and managed to get showered and dressed in time for Peter and I to go out to dinner.   We went to Iron Bridge Wine Bar for dinner. The fact that I got a free entree for my birthday made dinner there very enticing!   I love lamb, and so I got their lamb dinner, delicious as always!   Of course, ending the meal with the creme brulee with a chocolate ganache bottom wasn't too shabby either!

My parent's came up that night but didn't get here till late so once they arrived I headed to bed.  In the morning I took my mom and the kids with me to the Farmer's Market. We got some coffee and went into a few of the shops in Old Town Warrenton.

That evening we went to Nora's for dinner. My parents hadn't had Lebanese food before so I wanted them to try something different.  Years ago my parents had eaten lamb and it was a bad experience, they have never tried it since.  At Nora's my dad got the lamb dish, and found out that good lamb properly prepared is really good!  When we got home we had birthday cake and I opened some presents.

The next morning my parent's headed home and we headed out to the Delaplane Strawberry Festival. We all shared a strawberry shortcake, the kids got to pet some animals and then we took a hay ride through the field.  We didn't stay too long because it was really hot and Ainsley was having a rough time with the heat.

We kind of forgot about the Memorial Day Parade until it was too late to go and we didn't end up having a Memorial Weekend BBQ but it was still a great birthday/holiday weekend!

'til next time...

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