Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

This year I was lucky enough to celebrate Mother's Day all weekend, I would like to do that every year!

Saturday morning I left the kids with my husband and headed into town. It was an absolutely beautiful morning, cool, sunny, blue sky, the kind of morning that makes you want to skip down the street. I started off by visiting the Farmer's Market and picked up some produce for dinner as well as a few herbs to plant. I then walked up the street to a hair salon and got my hair trimmed and thinned, it is amazing how much better you feel after getting your hair thinned out! Of course, before I went back home I had to stop at the local bakery for a latte and scone!

When I got home my family was playing outside, enjoying the warm weather. My husband and son decided to wash my vehicle in honor of mother's day. Since water was involved my son was an eager participant!  While they washed the van, I planted the herbs I had bought at the market.

Later that afternoon we went to Narmada Winery. Like many of the wineries in this area the setting is beautiful, they have a lovely pavilion down by the pond and a cute little bridge that crosses the creek.

Since it was Mother's Day weekend after all I wanted to get a rare photo of me with my children. At first Wythe was not interested in having his picture taken, we had interrupted his throwing rocks in the creek. Anyone who knows my son knows about his obsession with throwing things!

But soon, he started giving me some kisses and we got this picture.

In honor of Mother's Day the winery was giving the moms a red rose and free carriage rides! As we were waiting our turn for the carriage ride I had a brief moment of worry that my kids would be scared and scream the whole ride, I had thoughts of their screams spooking the horses and visions of us on an out of control carriage careening through the vineyard. But they loved the ride, it was a great experience!

After our carriage ride we took a couple glasses of wine down to the playground area. Wythe played on the toys, going down the slide a number of times, played on a metal helicopter toy and falling on it and adding to the bruise on his cheek! He also tried to join in a soccer game, the older kids were nice enough to let him run around with them and occasionally pick up the ball and run with it!

After playing for awhile we walked back to the tasting room, it was time for more wine!  We also got some cheese and crackers to share with the kids. The winery serves a lot of Indian food, but we didn't get any that day. While we were hanging out in the tasting area we got to watch the Kentucky Derby. I will admit that this year I didn't even know who was running but it was still fun to watch. Wythe was getting pretty tired by that point and made himself at home on the sofa.

That evening we grilled chicken and asparagus on the patio at home. We were all pretty tired by that point, the kids crashed and we attempted to watch a movie but when we kept falling asleep we gave up and went to bed.

On Sunday, we kind of had a slow morning, then we headed out to look at some houses. We aren't planning to move but we are always looking at houses, I guess it might be a hobby.

We then headed over to Barrel Oak Winery, they were crazy busy!  There were so many people that it looked like a festival, lots of families there. They were so busy that we didn't do a tasting, but just bought glasses of wine. I opted for the dessert wine called Chocolate Lab, can't go wrong with that! The winery was giving out candy to the kids, my children tasted Twizzlers for the first time. Wythe kept saying "I want to eat more sticks"  Now, if I can only convince him that you can only get Twizzlers at that winery then we might be ok...

After spending some time at Barrel Oak Winery we headed down the road the Three Fox Vineyards. Three Fox was a lot quieter and peaceful. Although Barrel Oak was a lot of fun it was very restful and relaxing to sit at Three Fox. They had live piano music playing and there are tables in the vineyard where you can sit.

Wythe found a couple partners in crime to assist him in emptying all of the water out of the fountain. All three boys were soaked to the skin by the time the finished. They had a blast but Wythe had to wear his wet clothes for the rest of the day because his mommy didn't bring a change of clothes for him.

After leaving Three Fox Vineyards we drove into Warrenton and had dinner on the patio at Black Bear Bistro. Wythe and Ainsley played in the fountain on the patio, why not, Wythe was already wet from the previous fountain. I choose not to think about all the algae and yucky stuff they consumed from the water they played in that day.   We finished off the evening and weekend with ice cream from Carousel.  What a fabulous weekend!

playing the fountain at Black Bear Bistro

"I think I'll pass on the grilled chicken and just eat ketchup for dinner"

apparently chocolate ice cream is the best

'til next time...

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