Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Addition update...trimming the tree...er...rooms

We are now working on trim.  We want to get as much of the trim installed and painted prior to having the floors sanded and stained. We will still have more work after that, the bathroom still needs a lot of work, but the trim is one of the very time consuming projects. Partly, because we both hate painting, so we find lots of reasons to procrastinate.

The piano room has the most trim in it because it is our "formal" room and will have chair rail molding as well as crown molding. Peter got the baseboard installed and is working on the chair rail molding. The crown molding will come next.

Since the chair rail molding is two part we wanted the top piece to be offset off of the trim. We looked online trying to find instructions on how to cut it so that you don't have the wood grain exposed. We couldn't find any directions online but fortunately Peter figured it out!  We are trying to finish that room completely before we move on to the bedroom area.

'til next time...

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