Thursday, March 3, 2011

Addition update....doors

Once the flooring was installed we could install the doors in the addition. We had gotten pre-hung solid wood doors so theoretically they were going to be easy to install. Notice I said theoretically.  Peter had a neighbor come over to help move the doors into position, they were trying to get one door into place when they noticed that there was a problem...the door frame was too short.  It would seem that someone, we won't name names, had measured off the sub floor and didn't calculate in the wood flooring when framing in the door opening. The good thing is this person, who shall remain unnamed, is consistent, so all the openings were too short. All five doorways were too short and would have to be cut larger. Now, we had already finished the drywall and had at least one coat of paint up, so we would need to cut through the wood frame and the drywall to fix the opening. Peter brought out the trusty saw and went to work. Can you say dust?  There was dust everywhere, even with hanging blankets over the doorways the dust was everywhere! At one point I walked into the addition while Peter was cutting the dust was so thick I couldn't see to the other side of the room! As you can imagine, the entire house was coated in a layer of drywall dust. I'm not a fan of drywall dust.  But the good news is that the doors did get installed so we are one step closer to getting this addition finished!

looking from kitchen: bedroom door ahead, laundry door on right 

in bedroom, bathroom door on left, closet on right

'til next time...

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