Thursday, August 13, 2015

If you think the dust bunnies at your house are bad....

I think I can confidently say my steps will never be this dirty again!

I think. 

I hope. 

This mess was from the insulation that fell down out of the ceiling.  It is nasty, filthy stuff to work with. It coats you with layers of grey dust, sometimes it takes a couple showers to scrub all the layers off. 
staircase full of insulation

We are peeling back the layers of flooring on the first floor.  They had prefinished hardwood installed in two of the rooms.  We are pulling up that floor and the plywood underneath to see if we can locate the original hardwoods.  Ainsley was quite handy in pulling up the floor.  She would pull and pull with all of her might.  When a piece was particularly difficult we could hear her chanting to herself, "focus Ainsley, just focus!"  

She's also quite handy at smashing plaster. 

So, after putting the temporary kitchen back together for the umpteenth time we decided we have to have all of the plaster off of those walls at this point.  I think we were just avoiding this room but the "plaster" is really just concrete.  At least taking it off of the walls wasn't as hard as taking it off of the ceiling.  The strange thing is that when we opened up the wall that faces the front door the house instantly shrunk in size.  That answered my question about opening up more walls!
plaster removal in kitchen
walls open now

'til next time...

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