Monday, June 15, 2015

A futuristic peddler, I can't save my pine flooring, and some summer time fun....

Wythe doesn't really sleep.  He gets ready for bed and we tuck him in at 8pm but then his creative juices start to flow and he stays up all night building things.  This is his latest creation, he calls it a "rescue squad" that takes people things they might need.   If you need food they will bring it to you (see pie on front), if you need hot chocolate or coffee they will bring that too (small white mug near back) there is a tool chest in case you need a tool, the vehicle can also plow snow or grade your road if you need it too, it will also bring you books in case you need to read (books on other side of vehicle).  He wants to build a "real" one when he gets bigger.  I guess he will be a kind of modern peddler. 
Peddler of the future

 We (Peter) tore up the rotten sections of the sub-floor in the kitchen.  We knew the original flooring was rotten since my foot had stepped right through it. When we pulled the plywood off of the pine flooring it was pretty nasty, quite a bit of it you could poke a hole though with your finger.  So, it doesn't look like we will be salvaging much of this flooring. 
pulling up the sub-floor

I think this flooring may need more than a light sanding and new stain.
my not-so-beautiful pine flooring

Wythe, screwing down the new floor

My kids have been troopers about all the time we are spending working on the house.  But one day they told me they "needed a day off" so we decided to check out a splash park that is only a few minutes from the new house.  The park is small but pretty, a nice place for a picnic.  Ainsley had to take a few laps around it and it got her seal of approval. 
Ainsley, doing laps around the park

They loved the splash park area, they ran around for a few hours until they were completely wiped out. 
Forest Hills Splash Park

fun in the sun!

I think Wythe forgot where he was standing....

'til next time...

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