Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ainsley and her favorite thing "ever!"

Some friends invited us over for a cookout on Memorial Day.  At first we thought we should really spend the whole day working on the house but we were so wiped after three days of work that we were happy to call it quits early and head over to their house. 

Ainsley loves to swing. At our old house there was hardly a day that she didn't head out to her swing.  It was absolutely her happy place, she would swing and sing.   Since we moved she hasn't had a swing and has missed it terribly.  So she was thrilled to find they had a rope swing!  As she kept saying "I'm in heaven!"

The amazing thing was that we got Wythe to try it....and he enjoyed it!   Wythe does not like to swing, he doesn't like the feeling when you tip back in the swing.  He has never like that motion, never liked to be tipped back as a baby, never wanted to be tossed up in the air, hates somersaults, etc.  But, Peter convinced him to try the rope swing and he loved it!

'til next time...

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