Saturday, January 31, 2015

Beginning of a new year....

After starting off this year by celebrating Hogmanay, we are having a relaxing, quiet month.  We continue to settle into our house and work on getting back into a school routine.   We finally got a dusting of snow,  I have really missed our Hume snows, Peter has not missed them one bit.  He continues to walk to work so he is very happy with this mild weather. 

view from the sunroom, looking out into the back yard

We have begun to search for houses in the area.  Peter would really like to stay in the city, he is loving being able to walk to work!  We knew this area was expensive but still we are disheartened to see how much you pay for so little.  Most of the houses we are looking at need extensive work and have tiny or unusable yards.  Fingers crossed that some different houses come on the market this spring.

Peter drew this picture for Wythe, then Wythe added the two faces.  The large head is God and the small person "with crazy hair" is Wythe.  Recently Wythe has been drawing lots of pictures of God, they all show God with one arm, or as Wythe calls it, "the earth maker".

'til next time.....

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