Thursday, November 15, 2012

This is the reason I am always late...

This picture is from this summer but it is still accurate portrayal of something that has happened one too many times.

Here is the scenario,  we are all cleaned and dressed, ready to leave for town. I tell the kids to go get in the van and buckle up while I load up our stuff. Somehow between walking from the kitchen through the garage to the van my daughter finds something to distract her. The results look something like this.

Sometimes I wish we lived in a high-rise condo.

'til next time...


  1. She doesn't look happy about the mud :)

  2. It is actually grease and oil, I wish it was mud. She wasn't upset about being dirty, she was upset that she couldn't get in the van and go, she didn't want to get cleaned up again!

  3. It was actually grease and oil, I wish it were mud. She wasn't crying because she was dirty but rather because she wanted to get in the van and go, not get cleaned up again.

  4. So cute! I'm sorry but that was a nice post to wake up too! Pretty soon (10-12 years) she won't want to break her nails or get any grease,oil,dirt,mud etc. on her :)

  5. Melanie,
    This post made me laugh!!! She's so cute!!
    Oh how many times things like that have happened to me!
    I've thought about you so many times after having seen you in April. It was so good to see you and your kids!
    We miss you and love you and your crazy kids;-).


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