Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Potty training + house renovation = Stale blog

2 few weeks back my favorite living brother wrote on my Facebook page,  "your blog is stale"

Well, that really made me want to sit down and write.


Funny how words of encouragement like that just make you want to run for the hills.

But he was right, my blog has been stale.  Frankly, my brain has been stale. I'd like to say that has changed but...I think that would be telling a falsehood.

Anyway, despite my brain being completely dysfunctional I have been potty training two toddlers, working on the house addition, potty training two toddlers,  planning for spring plantings,  potty training two toddlers, and potty training. I'm pretty sure the potty training explains everything that is wrong with my brain. That, however, deserves it's own post and I may or may not write about it, I'm still trying to decide if I want to document the misery.

In other news,  we have continued working in the addition but we have been doing the dreaded task of painting trim. To date we are putting our 3,287th coat of paint on the trim and it still looks the same as it did a few weeks ago. I can't even show pictures of the "progress" because the 3,287th coat looks remarkably like the 1,245th coat looked.
We did finish painting the bookcases and put the books in so that we could get the boxes off of the floor. That was an encouraging sight because the room starts to look "lived in".
Probably the biggest project I accomplished was cleaning out the closet in the addition.  That was kind of like my own Day of Reckoning. For weeks, or months, I have been shoving everything into that closet. Outgrown clothes, tools, paint buckets, gifts, everything that doesn't fit or have a place in our house. And, I know of at least one time that I just grabbed everything off the floor and stuffed it in that closet before company came over. I knew that one day I would have to clean out this closet of shame. The good news is I got a slight grace period on my day of reckoning, I got to move a lot of the stuff out to the office. That will be my next room of shame to deal with. But at least the closet is cleaned out and we can work on  installing the shelves and racks.

Just to humiliate myself I'll show you a before picture,

...and after a very long day,

Here's to stale blogs!

'til next time...

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  1. I love it when other people share photos of their messes. I know everyone has them, but out here in the blogosphere it's so rare to actually see them. :)

    On potty training...yeah. That pretty much sucks. J is potty trained but still wears pullups to bed. I'm just not that fond of laundry. I figure he'll outgrow it eventually...right???


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