Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween and two young 'uns...

We are all alive and well....I think.  Ainsley is a good baby, pretty much just being a normal baby, eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping…and we are settling into the routine of life with two little babies! Wythe is having some issues dealing with an expanded family but that was to be expected.

We had a low key holiday this year. Our neighborhood doesn't really do anything since all the kids are grown and gone. But now that there are 3 little ones people may have to start stocking up on candy!  We dressed the kids up for Halloween but only went to one neighbors house. There we sat and visited for a while, the other little girl in the neighborhood came over also. Wythe and Ainsley weren’t too happy about dressing up in costumes. Wythe was an elephant and Ainsley was wearing Halloween themed clothes.

"my kids aren't into this holiday"

"my little elephant"

"my little elephant and his giraffe neighbor"
'til next time...

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