Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Adding on to the house…

If you are thinking about putting an addition on your house…don’t. No seriously, just make sure you have thought long and hard about it before you start the project because I can promise you that will be more expensive, more involved and take more time than you estimated. Since our house is tiny by today’s standard, 960 square feet, we decided to add on. We figured that if we add a bedroom and bathroom onto the house we can stay in the house longer. Currently we have two bedrooms, one bathroom, a piano room, a living room and kitchen. The addition goes out the back of the house and adds a bedroom with a walk-in closet, piano room, bathroom, and utility closet. This addition will almost double the size of our house so it is a big project!
The project started in March, it fact it kind of got started on its own. My husband had talked to a company about doing the excavation work but we weren’t ready to start the project because we had not received the building permits from the county. For those of you that know my husband you are probably scratching your head right now wondering why we would be getting permits…but yes, this time we are doing things the right way, totally legit! One Saturday morning I was planning to sleep in, my husband was out on the couch drinking coffee when he noticed a large piece of equipment down towards the pasture. At first he thought our neighbor was having some work done in the pasture, he actually came into the bedroom and told me that she must be having some work done. A few minutes later he dashed into the room asking me what the date was. As I was half asleep I couldn’t really remember the date or figure out why he was asking me. However, very soon we figured out what the date was and that the piece of equipment was actually in our driveway and that is was probably here to excavate for our addition! Sleeping in was now out of the question…I hurriedly got dressed and went outside to take some pictures of the house before the excavation.
It wasn’t long before the guys showed up to start the work. My husband was in awe of the equipment, he wants one for Christmas! It was amazing how fast the trees came down.

What would have been a multi-day project for us only took minutes for these guys. When they finished the trees were down and stacked in a whole pile and there was a big hole in the back yard. It kind of looked like we were excavating for a swimming pool. Now we just had to wait and hope that we got our building permits!

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